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Olle Larsson, owner and Chairman of Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB together with Hans Unander, Chairman of the Malung-Sälen Municipal Executive Board. Photo: Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB.
Olle Larsson, owner and Chairman of Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB together with Hans Unander, Chairman of the Malung-Sälen Municipal Executive Board. Photo: Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB.

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Terminal in Malungsfors joins Green Cargo’s network

Green Cargo AB and Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB have entered a new agreement in partnership with the logistics company Träfraktkontoret i Göteborg AB. This means that from December, the Malungsfors terminal will be included in Green Cargo’s network comprising nearly 300 tariff points in Scandinavia as well as partners in Europe. Initially, the transports shipments will include several container trains per week to the Port of Gothenburg, but timetables are in place for five departures, which enables quick expansion of the freight traffic with, for example, intermodal trailer freight and wagon loads.

Previously, Fiskarheden had a weekly rail container shuttle and the new agreement will triple the number of departures. When the Malungsfors terminal becomes a new tariff point in the network, Fiskarheden will be able to transfer more freight to rail that would normally have gone to Europe by trailer.

“This agreement is beneficial not only for Fiskarheden but for all companies across the region since they will be able to shift their shipments from road to climate-smart rail, which means stronger export and import opportunities for the region,” says Joakim Limberg, Marketing Manager at Fiskarheden.

One important objective of the initiative is to develop sustainable freight traffic in Dalarna and sufficient freight volumes to make rail freight profitable are a prerequisite for opening new tariff points. Accordingly, success is dependent on collaboration with the municipality since it is an important link to the business community.

“The emergence of Malungsfors as a strong hub for rail freight and joining Green Cargo’s Swedish and European network is an exciting and positive initiative. The municipality, the business community and Västerdala Terminal och Järnvägsspår are all strongly committed to continuing to coordinate more rail freight with even more local actors,” says Hans Unander (Social Democrats), Chairman of the Malung-Sälen Municipal Executive Board.

Gothenburg-based Träfraktkontoret has almost one hundred years of experience in logistics for the Nordic forestry industry.

“We are extremely proud and gratified to be participating in developing the terminal and rail products to and from Malungsfors, particularly when we can be part of a collaboration where the business community and the municipality are both so committed and truly want to promote a sustainable and green transition. This is a historic initiative that we believe will be a real success,” says Victor Schönbeck, CEO of Träfraktkontoret.

Green Cargo’s network with the possibility of several departures per week means that more freight buyers can choose rail starting at the Malungsfors terminal. This suits businesses that need regular as well as occasional freight transportation. Where rail does cover the last mile, Green Cargo offers door-to-door solutions with trucks. By harnessing the advantages of rail, this collaboration will help reduce carbon emissions while increasing supply chain efficiency.

“The fact that Green Cargo is entrusted with transporting Fiskaheden’s wood products results from a constructive dialogue and relationship with Fiskarheden, Terminalsbolaget and Träfraktkontoret as well as with the municipality, which is driving coordination and development of rail freight on the West Dalarna Line. Green Cargo’s network provides the regional wood products industry and logistics sector with a unique reach encompassing all of Sweden and the continent via rail,” says Jonas Börjesson, Key Account Manager at Green Cargo.

Press liaison Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB:
Joakim Limberg, +46 (0)70 273 43 73

Press liaison Malung-Sälen municipality:
Hans Unander, +46 (0)70 686 18 10

Press liaison Träfraktkontoret i Göteborg AB:
Victor Schönbeck, +46 (0)70 771 23 25

About Fiskarhedens Trävaru AB

  • Privately owned sawmill in northwest Dalarna
  • Sales of SEK 1.4 billion
  • 160 employees
  • Annual production of 375,000 m3

About Träfraktkontoret i Göteborg AB

  • Logistics specialist for the Nordic forestry industry with its headquarters in Gothenburg
  • Sales SEK 820 million
  • On an annual basis, it handles some 75,000 TEUs of forestry product exports in containers combined with comprehensive transportation services encompassing rail, road and terminal handling.



Green Cargo is a sustainable logistics partner and a crucial part of Scandinavia's trade and industry. 97 percent of our transports takes place using electric trains with a very low climate impact. Every 24 hours, some 400 freight trains depart, replacing around 9,000 truckloads on the road network. We serve close to 300 locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark through our network, and with our partners we reach all of Europe. Green Cargo is owned by the Swedish State. We transport 21 million tonnes of freight, have 1,900 employees and annual sales of about SEK 4,5 billion (2022).


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